I Came Back!

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After a long break, I came back and started to write again (at least, I’m gonna try). I didn’t mention you that I fractured my fifth metatarsal of my foot 2,5 month ago! While dancing in my ballet class, I suddenly twisted my ankle, and heard a ‘pop!’ sound! I didn’t want to believe that I fractured my foot, but…. it happened. I wore an aircast boot for 73 days! Anyways, I don’t want to remember those days which were really depressive for me…
And fortunately, I took off my boot last week! It was a huge relief for me. Now, I can walk with a normal shoe even though my walking is a little bit weird 🙂 It’ll get better in time…

Look at my before-after photo!

While I’m really happy to took off my boot and try to enjoy summer, I’m feeling little bit stressed out. I think it’s about culture 🙂 Turkish people always find something to worry about even though everything is wonderful in their life. But of course it’s my opinion 🙂 What do you think? Is it about culture or does everyone feel like that?
These days, I’m trying to say “Keep Calm and Don’t Stress”, but it doesn’t work every time… I will start Royal Academy of Dance Teacher certificate again after a break because of injury. But I don’t want to… Sometimes I feel estranged when I keep away from something that I love. At the same time, I think about the result that I’ll gain, and I want to finish this education right away!… Wish me luck!


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