Are 90’s back??

Recently, almost every fashion blog and website is talking about one thing. Yes, 90’s are back!
As a child of 90’s, this fashion trend remind me of the old times.Of course like every trend, there are some things that I like and don’t like. For example, I don’t think that I can wear overalls. Probably, it would make me look like whale 🙂 If you feel comfortable with your body, go for it! It’s just my personal opinion.
Here some celebrities that look good inside overalls;


main.original (1)


Also, crop tops, which I wore them all my childhood, floral dresses, and leggings are some of the clothes that I remember from the 90’s. Here is a set for 90’s I did at Polyvore!




 As a person that said ‘No!’ when 80’s came back, do you think that I should give a chance to 90’s??


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