Beauty, forever 21, hard candy matte top coat, lilac nail polish, nail polish, Personal / Monday, March 14th, 2011

I bought nail polishes a few weeks ago, but I was busy and I couldn’t write about it. Two of them from “Forever 21” and other one Hard Candy.

Nude Nail Polish and Taupe Nail Polish
Finally, I bought it! (Hard Candy Matte top coat)
 I tried Taupe nail polish yesterday. It was little bit creamy. I applied two coats but it can be good just one coat. The color in the day light is like lilac. The only downside,  it was hard to apply on nail because I can’t apply creamy nail polish easily 🙁
By the way, Hard Candy Matte Top Coat is a beautiful coat. But at first, I didn’t like it very much. When I applied it to my nail, it looked weird. I got used to it few days later.(Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture)
If you wanna take a look at these websites;

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