He Is The Source of My Happiness!

animals, cat, dog, Personal, pets, rabbit / Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Guess who he is??

It’ Johnny!!
     Yes, he is my precious! I can’t live without squeezing, kissing him… My words can be weird for some people, but I’m sure people understand me who have a pet (dog, cat, rabbit, bird… etc.) Johhny has been with us for a year. Even though, I’ve never had a pet rabbit, I’m really comfortable with him. He’s cute, sweet as all other pets. If I have a chance to care very well, I would  fill my house a lot of animals 🙁 
These days, we decided to adopt a cat! But I’m little bit worried about Johnny and the cat’s relationship. I checked on the internet about relationship between cats and rabbits, and it looks fine. Well, we’ll see… 🙂 Now, I want to share cute photos!
By the way, maybe you heard about the city Lysychansk (eastern Ukraine) is shooting and burning animals alive as part of Football Preparations for Eurofoot 2012. Please sign up! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/tell-ukraine-to-stop-burning-animals-alive/  We can’t let it happen this massacre!!

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