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cat, Personal, pets, polydactyl cat, rabbit / Saturday, March 24th, 2012

      Yes, I haven’t been here for almost two months! Winter term was really busy and stressful; moreover Rad CBTS program (Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies) and advanced 1 ballet exam torn me apart from life. I was tired with doing my homework until 2pm every night. Even though all these stuff, something happened that made me very happy. JJ. and I adopted our sweetie Beverly! Every day, we looked at her and said, ” Thank God, we’ve Beverly and Johnny.”
      In Tualatin,OR, there is a shelter that is called “Cat Adoption Team”( When you go there, you fill out a survey about cats. As the result of the survey, you see which cat is best for you. Our survey result was Personal Assistant. We saw a few cats which were in personal assistant group, and then we decided to adopt Beverly. She is 4 years old and a polydactyl cat. She has extra toes in her paws! Look at this beautiful thumb!

     Even though she has been with us for almost two months, Johhny and Beverly still do not get along… After we decided to adopt a cat, we searched about how cats and rabbits get along with each other. As their nature, cats chase rabbits, but in our house Johnny chases Beverly. She is a really calm cat, so she just run and hide somewhere. We’ll see what will happen in the future…

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